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Some tips that will allow you to choose the best performer and spend a minimum of time on it

  1. CMS: specify the preferred cms, this filters out performers who are not familiar with this framework, which significantly affects the speed of choosing an adequate freelancer
  2. Budget: if your budget is limited, then the specified framework will cut off those who do not agree to work for such a budget, but it must be borne in mind that too little amount will lead you to an optional and non-professional performer, and the consequences, as practice has shown, will not be in your favor
  3. Sroki: kak i lyubaya deyatel'nost' razrabotka ne terpit speshki, poetomu yesli vash proyekt "podgorayet" mozhno smotivirovat' cheloveka rabotat' na iznos tol'ko povysheniyem summy, v drugikh sluchayakh, kak opyat' zhe pokazyvayet opyt, nichego krome skandala s sorvannymi srokami ne poluchayetsya. V tselom sovet planirovat' sroki s zapasom.
  4. Tekhnicheskoye zadaniye: vopros dlya ne spetsialista konechno slozhnyy, no nado ponimat' chto polnoye detal'noye tekh.zadaniye uskoryayet razrabotku, a takzhe priyemku proyekta i nado starat'sya
  5. Terms: like any activity, development does not tolerate haste, so if your project "burns out" you can motivate a person to work for wear only by increasing the amount, in other cases, as experience again shows, nothing but a scandal with missed deadlines is possible. In general, it's a good idea to plan ahead with your deadlines.
  6. Terms of reference: the question is certainly difficult for a non-specialist, but you need to understand that a complete detailed technical assignment speeds up the development, as well as project acceptance, and you should try to give the performer the maximum amount of data, let it be a description in your own words, but in compiling a task, an excess of information is better than its scarcity. Linking to examples and pictures will improve understanding. Try to be unambiguous. For example, a task: do a search like on - at the end it turns out that you need to display the results on a completely different site, i.e. site acts as a donor
  7. Nuances: inform the performer about all the delicate moments, for example, that you cannot update the cms because the license is fake, etc. < / li>
  8. Hosting: If you are not sure about the reliability and convenience of hosting, it is better to trust the contractor in choosing a hosting. Developers usually choose a well-established service on which more than one site has been deployed.

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