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1. A remote worker in freelance mode can only be motivated by a carrot, it is difficult and expensive to use a stick, which is not comparable to the budgets allocated for the project. And in our infantile age, when young people, in principle, do not need anything, even the motivation with money disappears.

2. Since there are no parallel employees, one on the fly will pick up what the other did not finish due to a whole heap of various reasons (this can only be organized within a stationary studio with a full package of social obligations), the development proceeds sequentially, and if at one of the stages if a failure occurs, the stage begins almost anew, which lengthens the deadline for the entire project.

Based on the above theses, it is not worth hoping that the project will be completed clearly within the specified timeframe, moreover, the terms are often called not feasible in principle in order to get the project. There is a severe dumping of both cost and lead time. Moreover, the more stages the project implies, the more likely delays are in each and, accordingly, the work is delayed in general.

Conclusion: if you want to get it cheap, do not expect it to be completed within the specified time frame. From experience, you can safely multiply the figure by two, if you don't have to find an artist again at all.


Most performers follow the path "crooked" and when trying to demand edits, as a rule, they fall off completely.

We will not consider the alternative to order "expensive" in a stationary studio with many employees, accounting, taxes, social benefits and other expenses, otherwise you did not come to freelance and your budget is all right.

I propose to consider an intermediate option, contact my studio. It will be more expensive than ordering each stage from individual specialists, but I provide some guarantees since I have been working remotely since 2009 and supervise the work of specialists at each stage for you and you just have to approve the final result.

In order for the project to be completed and completed on time, you are required to formulate tasks as clearly as possible (a technical task is formed together at the first stage of coordinating all the nuances)

If this first stage is indicated only with broad strokes, it seems like I want it as with competitors, but it is better then the result will be in a fairly wide range.

The more accurately the technical task is written, the easier it is to control the execution and the less controversial issues.

If you are ready to discuss your project, taking into account what you have read, I am waiting for your application.

Best regards, Sergei Sergeevich!